Custom Made Nigerian Outfits

Nigeria, Lagos is a cosmopolitan city, full of stylish and fashion-savvy people. Whether at leisure, seeking pleasure, or in boardrooms, they are to be found looking elegant and well-put-together. Their seemingly unerring sense of chicness and love of fabrics and styles that reflect their African heritage has led to the growth of thriving fashion industry, presently exporting their unique elegance to the streets of Europe and America.

Do you want it in bright, sunny colors or darker, colder tones? Do you want it patterned or plain, heavy or light? Ankara, batik (adire), and other African prints are all the rage now. Ankara is pretty versatile and works beautifully with other fabrics like chiffon and silk. 

Our brand is fun, easy-to-wear, formal, or casual, provides elegance and bespoke tailoring. Our specialty is Ankara and African prints. Not only are our products affordable, but we are also easily accessible and we ship globally.

All customed made clothing is made to order. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. We do provide expedited shipping, but please be aware of the increased cost. 

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